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We appreciate that parents are concerned for the welfare of their child/ren and often have a number of questions when looking for activities for them to do. Below we address some of the most frequently asked questions to help put your mind to rest.

If you are looking for a youth group in your area take advantage of the search feature at the top right of this page. Simply enter your postcode and you will see a map of all the groups within two miles of that postcode. Click on your chosen location and the details will be given of the venue, leader, opening times and the Area Worker responsible for that group. Contact them for more information.


1. How do I know the group leader is trustworthy?

A. All our group leaders have received a clean check from the Criminal Records Bureau. Our staff have personal contact with the leaders and are trained to recognise any suspicious activity.

2. Are the leaders able to deal with situations that may arise?

A. Yes, we deliver over 30 training sessions to our leaders to help them deal with situations ranging from bullying and bereavement to programme planning and risk assessments. We are also in regular contact with them to offer guidance and assistance.

3. Will there be any events for my child/ren to get involved in?

A. We run a number of events throughout the year for all our affiliated groups. Some groups also run their own events locally. Depending on the leader and the type of group there should be a number of opportunities to get involved.

4. How can I get involved with my child's local youth group?

A. Speak to us and we will arrange for you to meet with the group leader. We will also be able to take care of your DBS (was CRB) form and offer you free training.

5. If there is no group in my area can I start one?

A. Yes! We love to hear from people who would like to start a new group and have a full toolkit in place to work alongside you in doing so. As well as £500 funding and the help of your Area Worker we will arrange a meeting to gather support, find a premises and support you with fund raising and publicising the opening.

6. My childs group wants to do a new project but don't have any money. Can you help?

A. We can help any affiliated group with a grant of £500 towards a project that benefits your group. We can also speak to local councillors to access their empowerment fund of up to £3000 for community projects.

7. We have a local group but they are not affiliated to NAYC. Is this important?

A. It is important but not essential. Groups do not need to affiliate to NAYC but will benefit enormously from doing so. As well as a local Area Worker, regular events, help with administration, free training and discounts at our Benham Sports Arena the group will also be able to make use of our games resources, minibus and hotline open Monday - Friday 9-5.

If you have any firther questions that haven't been answered here please call us on 01604 499699, email or visit our Twitter page @YDNAYC or Facebook Naycyouth


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